A bead of mass m is fitted on a rod and can move on it without friction

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The velocity cannot change to be perfectly perpendicular to the new groove position due to inertia (mass) of the object. Therefore the velocity picks up a component that is parallel to the groove. ... Motion of bead on a rod. Related. 0. ... Can i fit 27x 1 1/4 tires on a 622x14 rim. 2. A bowling ball has a mass of 4.0kg, a moment of inertia of 1.6×10−2 kg·m2 and a radius of 0.10m. If it rolls down the lane without slipping at a linear speed of 4.0 m s, what is its total energy? [Ser4 11-5] The total (kinetic) energy of an object which rolls without slipping is given by Eq. 2.4.
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