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The Karayu Oromo, who live along the Awash valley in East Shawa as well as West Hararge; The Aniya Oromo, who live south of the Ittu and west of the Erer River; The Afran Qallo which refer to the 4 decedents of Qallo, which are: Ala Oromo, living west of the city of Harar and the Erer River; Oborra Oromo, living between the Ittu and Ala Oromo. Nov 23, 2020 · The establishment of OLA itself was linked to the closure of the Afran Qallo band and the Macha Tulama Association, both formed in the early 1960s to educate the Oromo masses and create national self-awareness among the Oromo people.. The Afran Qallo Oromo have largely given up pastoralism and RabaDori, their traditional governance system known among other Oromo groups as the gada system. Referred to as Qottu or ‘those that dig’ in the past, the Afran Qallo are principally rural agriculturalists today. The fact that they have remained settled in communities for the past .... Italy is better for Oromo than the Hylasillase regime, says Haji Adam Tiinna as he tells the story of Colonel Ali and the oppression of the time. The Nafxanya regime attacked Mahammed Gada Qallu in three ways. They were the roads of Gadab, Rammi W/mikael, Muloo Daadhi, Saannata, Hangeetuu, Mannisa and there was a great battle.
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