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. Virent's synthesized aromatic kerosene (SAK) - derived from plant sugars - provides the necessary aromatics and density to the SPK fuel, eliminating the need for petroleum products and enabling production of a 100% 'drop-in' SAF that can be used in existing jet engines and infrastructure with no modifications. Renewable Jet Fuel . General Biomass Company develops advanced enzymes which convert nonfood biomass to glucose and other biosugars for renewable jet fuel and bioplastics. ... Second-generation biofuels can now be mixed with existing aviation fuel supplies at up to 50%. As of 2011, Bio-SPK (BioDerived Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene) jet fuels. Commercial aircraft run on kerosene-based fuel, but it is possible to make jet fuel from vegetable oil, algae, rotting fruit — even used diapers. Biofuels could cut carbon pollution from.
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