First jummah in islamic history

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First Friday of Ramadan Quotes from Quran & Hadith 2020. ” O you who believe! When the call for salah is made on al -Jummah hasten to the remembrance of Allah and leave trading aside. That is better for you if only you knew.” [62:9] ” O you who believe!. The definition of Ummah is a community of believers bound together with a common purpose, to worship God and with a common goal to advance the cause of Islam. The Ummah, or Muslim community, is a group of people from diverse backgrounds, ancestry, locations and nationalities. They are a community without borders yet united in a very real way. Constitution of Medina, document from early Islamic history based upon two agreements concluded between the clans of Medina and the Prophet soon after the Hijrah (Latin: Hegira), or emigration, to Medina in ad 622. The agreements established the muhājirūn, i.e., the early Muslims who followed Muhammad, on a par with the eight clans of Medina.
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