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Arma 3 crashes after a couple of minutes of playing. I can get into a game but after a few minutes the game disappears and you are sent back to the GeForce now hub. Every time I want to play the game I have to download Arma 3 although it says I. Created on October 2, 2014 Windows 10 crash after 5 minutes of running After install Win10 it works very nicely, first run works normal, but then i can use OS only 3-4 minutes, after that monitor blinks 2-3 times and my notebook get system reset without BSOD. I dont install any drivers or programs. What can it be? This thread is locked. All browsers crash after 5-20. Jun 3, 2018. #1. Hey guys, so I started playing Crysis and after 5 to 10 minutes of gameplay the game crashes to the desktop with no errors. I am running the steam version on Win 10 64 bit and I am running the 64 bit version of the game since the 32 bit version refuses to load. I am running a few hd texture packs with the tactical expansion mod.
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